National Student Volunteering Week

1st March 2017 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Last week marked National Student Volunteering Week and the start of OSFC’s #2017 pledge.  Throughout the week, students had the opportunity to attend a number of events to kick-start the college’s pledge for students to commit 2017 hours to volunteering.

After the great success of the Food Bank Christmas appeal, OSFC has teamed with Oldham Food Bank as the main focus of our volunteering efforts.  Trolleys have been positioned in all 4 buildings as an ongoing commitment to helping local people in crisis.  Students also held a bake sale, raising £70 for the Food Bank.

On Thursday the college held a Careers and Volunteering Fair, to highlight the opportunities available in Oldham.  Students were also introduced to the idea of microvolunteering – changing the world in just your pyjamas!  Microvolunteering involves small, quick, low commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause, and is ideal for those students wanting to volunteer but unable to commit more than 30 minutes a week.

According to Hashim Nisar, “I volunteer because it is great to put on your UCAS application form.  I want to go into Dentistry, however places are very competitive, so I need something to help me stand out. Once I began volunteering I found out it was much more than something for UCAS, it was in fact a very rewarding and helpful experience. It gave me insight into how the elderly and young children are looked after. I developed many new skills such as communicating with the elderly who have expressive language difficulties as well as assisting with the process of learning. I really enjoy working with the staff members and children as it is very fun, exciting and helps to take my mind away from the stress of the upcoming exams.”

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