Literacy mentoring

12th February 2019 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Seven OSFC students have been paired up with mentees who requested help with their literacy skills. Student mentors have been specially trained to improve their own writing skills and they are now passing on their expertise to other students. They are confident writers who are giving up their free time for the next few months to support students with various aspects of literacy, such as grammar, punctuation, structuring essays or spellings. Some students who required extra support are retaking their English GCSE, for others English is their second language and some students receive guidance in writing and structuring their coursework.

One of the literacy mentors, Zenna, explained why she decided to join the scheme, ‘I chose to do the mentor scheme so I could learn how to help others in a more effective manner’. Fellow mentor Natasha added, ‘I feel that everyone should have the ability and opportunity to communicate their thoughts and feelings with the outmost confidence.’ Gemma Curto, Literacy Tutor and organiser of the scheme said, ‘We are proud and happy to offer a literacy mentor scheme where students are given one-to-one help with vital writing skills. Proficient writers are supporting students at the right pace for them in a personalised manner’.

If you are interested in receiving literacy mentoring, please contact Gemma Curto (

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