Level 2 Students get involved in Voluntary Action Group Project

20th November 2014 by OSFC. Comments (0)

IMG_9823A group of Level 2 students, who have been taking part in the Oldham Voluntary Action Group project, received a certificate in recognition of their hard work during an assembly on Wednesday 19 November where they also delivered a presentation on their activities. The six week project has seen 23 of our students, in three groups, creating and leading a unique activity for three different organisations, whose representatives also attended the assembly.

Seven students went to Holy Cross Primary school to work on a literacy project where they had to manage a group of young children – helping and encouraging them to create their own story book including illustrations. The children enjoyed their experience, fully engaging in the activity. We have now produced several colour copies of the book (which can be seen below) which will be presented to a representative from the school during the assembly.

Eight learners also set up an OSFC campaign to raise awareness of poverty. They have been involved in supporting a local food bank, encouraging staff here to donate food that they could then pass on. The students had to create a marketing campaign, developing their communication and negotiation skills. They hope more Level 2 students will get involved in this project enabling it to continue in the future.

Finally eight learners have been involved in a project with the Jubilee Colliery, learning about its history and heritage. Located in Shaw, not far from Newhey, Jubilee Colliery is one of the largest and best preserved Lancashire Coalfield Collieries. It represents a big part of Oldham’s industrial past as it supplied coal and coke to many of the factories in the area. Some of the students interviewed a group of Jubilee volunteers who were involved in the archaeological digs to gain further knowledge of the site and the history of the Coal mining industry whilst others used their knowledge to create a newsletter to raise awareness of the site and design a display board providing information all about it.

While they undertook the project each group were mentored by some of the College’s A2 students.

Emma Hart, Associate Director Inclusion, said “We’re very proud of the effort and commitment these students have shown in becoming involved in voluntary activities alongside their Level 2 studies and I’d like to congratulate them on their hard work. It is always encouraging to see young people supporting others in this way and they thoroughly deserve the recognition they have received.”

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