Leading mind in cancer research, Rob Bristow, visits students at OSFC

10th July 2018 by OSFC. Comments (0)

As the NHS reaches its 70th anniversary, students studying Sciences at Oldham Sixth Form College were treated to a visit from Rob Bristow, Director of Manchester Cancer Research Centre, Chief Academic Officer and Honorary Consultant at Christie NHS Trust and Professor of Cancer Studies at the University of Manchester.

Rob fascinated students with details of cutting-edge research into the prevention, cure and management of cancer, which is taking place right here in Manchester at the largest cancer centre in Europe. Dr. Bristow’s aim at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre us to develop a new cancer strategy with the aim of developing personalised medicine approaches for patients across Manchester, the North West and worldwide. Throughout his talk, Rob expressed his hope that some of the students in the room would get involved in the next generation of smart young people needed at the centre.

Rob is pioneering a ‘Team Science’ approach to research, which involves Mathematicians, Health Economists and Lawyers, sitting together with Clinicians and Scientists for the first time with the aim of improving outcomes in patient care. This new approach inspired our budding Scientists to see how their future careers could fit into cancer research, not just as Medics, but as Physicists, Chemists, Biologists and Mathematicians.

The Science tutors at OSFC also found the session fascinating. Tutor for Biology, Nicola Canham, said:

It was really inspirational to hear a professional talk about how errors in cell division and DNA mutation can cause the terrible disease of cancer, but that those same errors can simultaneously provide the tools for unlocking the secrets of cancer and the future eradication of the disease.”

College Principal, Jayne Clarke, also attended to event, and said:

“It was a real privilege to welcome Professor Bristow and his colleagues to the Science Centre and to hear about the world-leading work taking place at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, in partnership with the University and The Christie. Having a sense of the scale and scope of the work of ‘Cancer Team Science’ was truly inspirational for our prospective medics and scientists, and gave them a real insight into some of the possibilities for their future careers.”

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