Languages – The Key to a Brighter Future

6th November 2014 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Sarah Shaw, OSFC French Tutor and LIFT Project Manager‘You are in demand!’ was one of the resounding messages given to language students at the University of Manchester’s annual Love Languages – Big Event held on 8th October. Sarah Shaw, OSFC French Tutor and LIFT Project Manager, was invited to join a panel of language professionals from a range of sectors to speak to over 150 language students about the impact languages have had on her life and career.

‘I know that having a language degree opened lots of doors for me and gave me so many opportunities that I otherwise would not have had,” says Sarah.

“Hearing the stories of multilingual professionals from diverse backgrounds and careers reinforced the importance of studying languages today,” Sarah adds, “With so many multinational companies and government agencies directly targeting language students, we have a duty to deliver this message to pupils before they opt out of languages in year 8 or 9.’

Janet Willis, Careers Consultant for the University’s Careers Service knows only too well how popular language students are.

“Language graduates are heavily targeted by graduate recruiters; in the last year, we have advertised 775 separate job vacancies on our website where language skills were a key requirement. Many smaller companies and organisations look for language skills when recruiting graduates, as this enables them to communicate more effectively with global clients.”

The College’s LIFT Project aims to raise awareness of the importance of language learning and works with secondary and primary aged pupils across the borough. If you would like to find out more about the project please email Sarah at

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