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9th July 2014 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Pricewaterhouse Coopers A team of Accounting students from OSFC were joint winners of an Accounting Masterclass Day at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) on 3 July.PwC is one of the four top Accounting firms in the world and we were pleased to see one our successful former students, Leoni Smithies, leading one of the sessions at the Masterclass.  Eleven teams from colleges throughout Greater Manchester took part, each completing various complex accounting tasks including fraud investigation, advising a company to move their operations abroad based on corporate tax benefits and recovering a failing business.  They then had to present their findings to a group of attendees which included senior PwC staff.Yahya Goga, Accounting tutor at the College commented

“Our students displayed enthusiasm, confidence, commitment and intelligence in all their tasks.  They scored full marks on most activities and were congratulated on their efforts by various PwC staff.  They are a credit to the Sixth Form College and I’m sure they all have a very bright future ahead.”

Stella Foster, Accounting Course Leader, taught Leoni during her time at OSFC.  She said:

“The Masterclass Day is extremely beneficial for our students. It was especially inspiring this year as Leoni was able to share her experiences, as a past OSFC student, with some of our current group.  We’re very grateful to PwC and especially Leoni for sharing her personal experiences with them, as well as passing on some fantastic advice. Leoni is a great role model.”

Student Matthew Atherton added,

‘PwC was very interesting for me as it gave me a clear understanding of how to become an accountant and the different steps you can take to get there. A lot of advice was given by the qualified accountants which was really helpful’

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