HM Treasury Visitors talk Brexit and Trump with OSFC Economics Students

15th November 2016 by OSFC. Comments (0)

HM Treasury Talk (16)On Thursday 10th November 14 A level Economics students had the chance to speak to visitors from Her Majesty’s Treasury.  Damien Conyngham-Hynes and Jack Short, who both work in the education department were visiting local sixth form colleges to discuss funding, and kindly took time out of their busy schedule to meet our Economics students.  Course leader Jackie Dunn said, “This is a great chance to speak to professionals and they’re all very much looking forward to asking questions, particularly on the implications of Brexit and the shock election of Donald Trump.”The question and answer session began with a discussion of progression routes and how to get a job with HM Treasury.  Students were particularly interested to find out more about the current government push on apprenticeships.  Both Damian and Jack agreed that the government are keen to make people aware of technical education alongside academic education; Damian said, “I genuinely think there are benefits to both, and within the Treasury there are Graduate Schemes and Apprenticeships available.”  Student Toni Oluseye said, “I was fascinated to hear what these professionals thought of apprenticeships versus graduate education.  Everyone has been talking about apprenticeships and before I was unsure about whether they would get me the career I want, however I think I’m now swaying towards a Higher Apprenticeship after hearing that both are viable options.”Students were also interested to hear about the situation in the Treasury in the wake of Brexit.  Our visitors were quick to remind students that as civil servants they are politically neutral, although HM Treasury did provide statistics to support the Remain campaign.  Jack said, “Brexit has had a huge impact on the work going on within the Treasury, and people are working on it on a daily basis.”  Interestingly, all the Economics students who attended this discussion were of the opinion that Britain should have voted to stay in the EU.Students also wanted more information on another political shock: the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  The visitors agreed that their opinion was probably similar to most of the UK and said, “We’ve had quite a few political shocks in the last couple of years where the polls have got it completely wrong.”  Student Charlotte Cunningham said, “It was really interesting to see how they tackled the questions, it gave me an insight into the Treasury and it was really interesting to see what they think of Trump.”  Brandon Prophet, who hopes to study Politics and International Relations at university said, “I was particularly interested to hear a civil servant rather than a political perspective on the events of 2016.” If you are interested in studying Economics at OSFC you can find more information at or come and speak to the tutors on our Open Day on Saturday 19 November 10am-2pm.

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