General information

The College’s Board of Governors is a group of people, comprising representatives from industry and commerce, the Local Authority, the local community, the Principal, members of staff, students and parents of students enrolled at the College.  All Governors serve in a voluntary capacity.

The Board has determined its overall size and the number of members in each category as follows: 12 Independent Governors, including a member of Oldham Council and a representative from the local community, the Principal, 2 Students, 2 Parents and 2 Staff.

Board members are elected in different ways, depending on their category of membership.  Parents, Staff and Student Governors are elected by their peers.  The Local Authority and Community Governors are nominated by their respective organisations to serve on the Board.  Business members are recruited from the local business community according to the particular skills and experience they can bring to discussions.  Co-opted members are actively recruited by the Board, for the same reasons, to ensure that the Board of Governors appropriately reflects the range of expertise required to contribute effectively to the work of the College. 

All Governors, with the exception of Parents and Students, serve a four year term of office from the date of their appointment.  Parents are elected for a two year term, but are eligible for re-election if their son/daughter has enrolled on a three-year programme of study, in which case they could serve for four years.  Student Governors hold a one year term of office.

The Governing Body’s main responsibilities are determining the educational character and Mission of the College, the approval of annual estimates of income and expenditure to ensure that the College remains solvent and the safeguarding of its assets.  In addition to this the Board is responsible for appointing and dismissing the Principal and Clerk to the Corporation and for modifying or revoking the Articles of Government.

The Instruments & Articles of Government are the legal framework within which the Governing Body operates.  Whilst the Instruments of Government cannot be amended, the Articles can be customised by the Board to the needs of individual Colleges.

The Board of Governors has a number of Committees, each with its own separate sphere of activity. Each Committee comprises a small group of members, mostly Governors, who have the relevant experience and expertise to discuss, in great detail, such issues as audit, finance, employment /personnel and the recruitment of Governors. These Committees report to the full Board on the outcome of their discussions and make recommendations on action to be taken.  Delegating detailed discussion to smaller groups means that meetings of the full Governing Body are shorter and more focused.

The Full Board meets 5 times a year.  Additional meetings are arranged, if necessary.

From 1 January, 2008, copies of non-Confidential Minutes of Governing Body meetings are available via the College website.  Alternatively, they are available for inspection during normal office hours, on request, from the Clerk to the Corporation. 

The Chair of Governors can be contacted by writing to Mrs Jan Jones, Clerk to the Corporation, Oldham Sixth Form College, Union Street West, Oldham, OL8 1XU.