Oxbridge Success 2011

We are very proud of the success our students achieve every year, with the majority of them progressing to the course and university of their choice.  Over the years a significant number have opted to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, with the invaluable help and support of the Oxbridge Enrichment Group and this year has been no different as six of our students were accepted.  They are:

Ed Crowther Saddleworth – Homerton College, Cambridge – Human, Social and Political Science
Muhammad Abdul Ghani – Oriel College, Oxford – Physics
Matthew Jamshed – Newman RC College– Keble College, Oxford – Chemistry
Tom Kinsella – Newman RC College– Jesus College, Oxford – Music
Cameron Smith – Neman RC College – Pembroke College, Oxford – Biochemistry
Sam Forster – Wardle – Brasenose College, Oxford – Maths

College Principal, Jayne Clarke, Siad “We are delighted that so many of our former students have begun their studies at Oxbridge this year, across a good range of subjects. Their success is very well deserved and reflects their outstanding work both throughout their time at College and during the very tough selection process. We wish them continued success in the future.”