Case Studies

Case Studies

Chloe Dearden – Extended Project Qualification, Pre-Teaching Enrichment 
Chloe is studying for A Levels in Maths, Chemistry, Psychology and Dance. She is hoping to go on to the University of Lancaster to study Psychology when she leaves College.

“I decided to take part in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) becauseI knew it would make my UCAS application stand out and could be the deciding factor for a university or company. It was extremely interesting, and an excellent way to gain a qualification from a subject I had picked and researched myself. I also took part in the Pre-Teaching course which was excellent as it gave me first hand working experience of school life and really helped to broaden my knowledge and discover what the job was really like.”

Chelsey Lamb – Creative Skills and Placements in Media Enrichment 
Chelsey is studying for A Levels in Media Studies, Film Studies and English Language. After College she is planning to study Media Production at university.

“This enrichment course has given me ‘the edge’ and experience I can build on when going to university and applying for a career in the competitive media industry. All my tutors have given me lots of support to enhance my education and help my applications stand out. There are all the resources you need to help you grow as an individual and you’ll meet people here that you’ll be friends with forever.”

Mohammed Farhan Shahid – Medical Ethics Enrichment
Farhan is studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and is hoping to go on to study Medicine at the University of Manchester.

“The additional activities I’ve taken part in have definitely enhanced my UCAS application. The Medical Ethics Enrichment improved my communication skills, increased my confidence and provided extra support with my personal statement and interview technique. I’d definitely recommend it to students who are considering applying for Medicine after College – the mock interviews really helped and the course also gave me my first experience of presenting to an audience.” 

Calum Slattery – Oxbridge Group, Extension classes in all subjects
Calum is studying for A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, History, French and English Literature.
He is planning to read Maths at university after College.

“At OSFC you’re always pushed to fulfil your potential and to be the best student you can be. The Oxbridge Group provides help with interviews and preparation for students who want
to apply for the “top” universities, while extension sessions take you beyond the syllabus. This can arouse debate on topics that are of use in your Personal Statement, since they demonstrate your commitment to extra-curricular enrichment. My teachers have all been incredibly helpful in supporting my applications for university and some have even given up their free time to help prepare me for interviews.”