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Before Enrolling

If you have attended an interview with us and have been given a Confirmation Letter, you can continue the application process by following the below link. Your personal log in username and password can be found towards the top of the Confirmation Letter, written in bold type.

Accepting Your Offer           Input Your Results

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve entered the address and it’s responding with “Website not found” or showing a Google search results page!

Check the web address you entered exactly matches this: https://students.osfc.ac.uk . Alternatively go to the college website via its web address http://dev.osfc.ac.uk/ or by typing “Oldham Sixth Form College” into Google. On the front page of the website  select the ‘“Accepting” button in the middle.

I’ve entered the username and password that you provided me with and it’s not letting me log in! 

If you are receiving a message like “You do not currently have access to the student portal”, check your username is correct (it should be something like T123456) and also the password you have been given matches that on your Confirmation Sheet. The password is case sensitive so watch out for any capital letters! If you are still having trouble, please contact the college on 0161 287 8000.

Why is there a message telling me there is more information required?

Along with telling us which exams you will be taking and the results of any exams you have already taken, we need to collect some more information about you. This includes information on how to contact you and your parents/guardians, any medical issues and other information which is vital for us to provide a good service during your time here. This message is to remind you that the process is still not quite complete.

I was logged on and entering information when suddenly I ended up at the log in page again!

This usually occurs when the maximum time between screens has been reached. This was initially intended as a security feature, however after feedback we have extended it so that you should not meet this problem anymore. If you still have problems with being incorrectly sent back to the log in page, please contact us on 0161 287 8000.Where should I put my mock exams?We don’t want you to record your mock exams on this system; only the actual exams you are going to take or have taken already. For exams in the future, you don’t have to put in a grade – you will be able to log in again after your results have arrived and enter them then.

There is no option for level 1 subjects!

We would like to you to only put qualifications on that are Level 2 or above. We have not included any Level 1 subjects on the system for this reason.

I can’t find one of the exams I will be taking or have taken in the past!

There is a search facility link at the bottom of the “Your Results” page (circled in red below). You can use this to search by name for the missing exam. Try to use as short a search term as possible, for example rather than “Science (Core) further” try “Science” and then look down the list of options to see if you can find something that matches.If you find it, you can click “Add” to add it to your list of results (a pop up box will appear asking for a couple of extra bits of information before adding it).P_1 It is possible that the exam you want is not listed, if this is the case then please click the “Contact Us” link at the top and let us know. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if the exam has been added.

Where can I add my BTEC qualifications?

You can add your BTEC exams under the type of “BTEC FIRST”. This was previously called just “FIRST”. If you have already put your exams under “FIRST” don’t worry – the type will have been changed automatically.

Where can I find iGCSE’s?

The “iGCSE” exams are found under the “GCSE” type. The title is prefixed by an ‘i’ e.g. – “iChemistry”.

Can I go back and change things in the “Your Details” section?

Everything in the “Your Details” section is updateable until the “Submit Details” button on the final page is clicked. Once you have clicked this button the data has been sent to the college for processing and so cannot be updated. If you click “Your Details” after having submitted your data you will be redirected to a short message explaining this.Note: submitting the details in “Your Details” will not stop you entering exams in the “Your Results” section.

The page I get when clicking “Your Details” is different each time I log in? How can I navigate the “Your Details” section?

The system attempts to remember where you are up to in the “Your Details” section, so that next time you log in (as long as you haven’t submitted the whole thing) you can carry on from where you left off. However if you want to go back or forward through the forms you can click the “<< Back” or “Next >>” buttons at the bottom of the page.If you want to leave the page without saving, you can click the “Your Results” link at the top to return to the initial page. If you have made changes then you might be prompted to save them before leaving the page.p_2 

Do I need to enter all my results before I can submit my details?

No, the results can be added to or deleted at any point leading up to enrolment. However, we would ask you to submit the data entered in the “Your Details” section as soon as possible to allow us to process it on our internal system.

It’s a different page the second time I log in!

Don’t worry, the first time you log in you will be shown a message from the principal, any later log-ins will go straight to the “Your Results” screen. You can go back to look at the message by clicking the “welcome Message” link at the top of the page.