Former Spanish student excels tutoring for Yipiyap

24th October 2018 by OSFC. Comments (0)

On Monday 22nd October, former student Delwar Hussain joined AS and A2 Spanish and Literacy students to speak about his journey from being a Spanish student at OSFC, to tutoring for Yipiyap, and finally becoming a medical student at the University of Liverpool.

Delwar studied Chemistry, Spanish and Biology between 2015 and 2017, before taking a gap year and becoming a tutor for Yipiyap, the UK’s leading provider of in-school tuition. He shone at the education provider and won the 2018 Tutor of the Year Award due to his outstanding work mentoring and tutoring in Mathematics, Science and Spanish in five local schools.

Delwar said, “Whether it was studying, revising, taking exams, doing work experience or even playing football, nothing worthwhile was easy. I had to work hard to achieve it. Talking with Year 12 and 13 students made me realise how I felt back then when I was in college and how important it is for current students to persevere to be successful in college and in their future university studies.”

Delwar is planning to spend his clinical placement in Central America to keep up with his language skills and would like to specialise in working with young people after the work he completed last academic year in schools. We wish him all the best in his degree.

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