English trip to Language Conference in London

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English_Conference (2)During the last week of February the English department took 20 English Language and English Language and Literature students to a conference delivered by the English and Media Centre in London.

The conference was summed up as “Five fantastic talks, eye-tracking tech for CLA, a Twitter idiolect experiment, a live link up with a forensics linguistic research team and what Grime can tell us about language…a fascinating and illuminating day.”

The students listened to presentations by leading academics on their research in linguistics. Topics ranged from how accent and dialect is being influenced by grime music to what influences the pronunciation and vocabulary of children.  The famous linguist David Crystal spoke at the end about how changing attitudes to punctuation have influenced our writing.

An A Level student said, “It was really interesting to learn about different fields within English Language. I also found it to be a very fun day as each of the speakers taught me things I can apply in my A2 English Language lessons.”

If you are interested in studying English at OSFC, visit www.osfc.ac.uk/english to find out more.

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