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11th March 2015 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Danish VisitA group of 52 students and 5 staff from Denmark visited OSFC on 10 March to see how sixth form life in the UK compares to their own experiences at ‘Gymnasium’.

The group attend Herlev Gymnasium, about 20 minutes north west of central Copenhagen on the island of Zealand.  Unlike the English system, Danish students attend gymnasium for three years and this group are currently in their second year, at which point every student in the whole of Denmark takes a trip somewhere in the world that’s relevant to the subjects they’re studying. Since this group are all studying English and History, as well as society studies, they decided to visit the NW of England to learn more about industrialisation and English-speaking countries generally.

They are spending most of their time in Manchester, where they’re also visiting MOSI, Manchester Cathedral, the People’s History Museum, the Imperial War Museum  and taking part in an orienteering run around Manchester.

Student Emma Soerensen said: “The UK was the perfect choice as it’s so close to Denmark and Oldham, as the historical centre of the cotton industry in the 19th century, is a really good place to learn more about industrialisation”.

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