Course Summary:

Physics is the most fundamental of all the sciences. You’ll study the physical properties of objects ranging in size from massive galaxies down to tiny sub-atomic particles. Physics is a challenging subject because it is an exact science, yet good fun because it is lively and practical. You’ll develop practical skills as you complete a wide variety of experiments illustrating and exploring the subjects studied.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • Durham University – Physics
  • The University of Manchester – Physics with Astrophysics
  • The University of Manchester – Medicine
  • The University of Birmingham- Physics
  • The University of Chester – Chemical Engineering

Career destinations:

Physics is essential for many Science and Engineering degree courses and particularly useful for careers in Astrophysics, Architecture and Engineering. The skills you will develop are valued by all employers and universities, including the ability to construct logical arguments, pay attention to detail and approach problem solving logically.

Entry Requirements:

You will need a minimum grade 5 in Combined Science or at least two 5s from single Science GCSEs, including a 5 in Physics.

Assessment Method:

100% exam

Student Case Studies:

Muhammad Abdul Ghani

Muhammad Abdul Ghani

“Physics is a subject that I have been interested in since I was very young. It is the only subject which has the potential to explain how the universe works. To be good in Physics you need good problem solving skills in Maths as well, which fortunately I have also learnt at OSFC. When I leave I’m hoping to go to study Physics at Wadham College, Oxford and the support and motivation from my tutors helped me to obtain my offer.”