Regional Science Centre Oldham

Regional Science Centre Oldham (RSCO)

Regional Science Centre Oldham (RSCO) is designed to be used by everyone with a passion for science – from primary school children to A-level students to industry.

Working in partnership with schools, further education providers and universities, RSCO is working to develop science skills by creating and maintaining interest in science education from an early age.

As the new location for Oldham Sixth Form College’s science facilities, RSCO features laboratories with cutting edge equipment to inspire a new generation of scientists who previously may not have had the option to continue into post-16 education.


Available Courses

AS and A Level

This subject will suit you if:

  • You enjoy science.
  • You are interested in learning about how living organisms function and interact with each other.
  • You enjoy practical work.

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AS and A Level

This subject will suit you if:

  • You are interested in learning about the world around you, and understanding why chemicals react in the way they do.
  • You enjoy practical work.
  • You are numerate.
  • You enjoy solving problems.

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AS and A Level

This subject will suit you if:

  • You are a numerate student who is able to approach problem solving in a clear and logical manner.
  • You are a ‘hands on’ person who enjoys constructing and testing circuits.
  • You are interested in learning about electronic components and how they can be used in practical circuits.
  • You have a creative mind and enjoy designing your own projects.

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AS and A Level

This subject will suit you if:

  • You are a numerate student who enjoys problem solving.
  • You enjoy carrying out experiments and looking for patterns in the results.
  • You are interested in questioning everything around you in order to find out how the physical world works.
  • You like to keep up to date with current developments in the world of science.

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Extended Diploma (Three A Levels), Diploma (Two A levels)

This subject will suit you if:

  • you prefer to be assessed by coursework rather than examinations;
  • you have good time management skills and are able to meet deadlines;
  • you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of a wide range of scientific applications;
  • you enjoy spending time in the laboratory working on the kind of practical projects that are based on realistic science-based industries;
  • you are planning to enter work directly or wish to progress to higher education.

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Success Story – Zeshan Rehmani

Zeshan was first employed as a trainee Hospital Pharmacist, moving on to be Pharmacy Manager in a branch of a large supermarket, and in a new and developing chain of independent pharmacies before taking up his current position as Director of MCR Health Ltd, where he is currently working on launching an online pharmacy.

He says of his time at OSFC “There was a big difference in the grades I achieved at GCSE and A Level and I believe it was only possible due to the support and excellent teaching at OSFC.”

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Chemistry, Biology, Law, ICT

After OSFC

University of Manchester – MSc Pharmacy

Why I chose this subject…

I came to OSFC because of the wide range of subjects and excellent facilities, especially in The Know which has a great variety of resources.
At first I was worried that coming from a small school into a large college would be a problem, but it has been better than I expected. I’d definitely recommend it – you’ll make lots of friends but do well too.Zeshan Rehmani

Additional Activities

  • Exchange Trips to Le Mans, Berlin and Cantabria
  • Biology trips to Chester Zoo
  • Biology Ecology trip to Ainsdale Sands
  • Society of Biology – Sixth Form Quiz
  • Chemistry trip to University of Manchester
  • Physics trip to CERN, Switzerland
  • Electronics EDT project; trip to Engineering Your Future
  • Physics Olympiad
  • Visit to Jodrell Bank
  • Guest speakers/regular science lectures
  • Visit to Manchester Medical School and various universities


Popular Combinations

These subjects combine well with each other, but you can also choose to study one alongside a variety of A Levels from a range of disciplines.

Popular choices include:

Possible Progression

Some of these subjects are essential for particular HE courses and careers such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy and Engineering.

Successful students can also progress to courses and careers in areas such as Nursing, Teaching, Forensic Science, Avionics, Electronics, Telecommunications, Medical and Scientific Research, Radiography, Dental Technology and Pharmaceutical Management.


Results 2016

Topic %
Biology 98
Chemistry 99
Electronics 100
Physics 98
Science (Diplomas) 100