Technical Requirements for Dance

To help the technician with your dance music requirements please fill out the following form.

Your Name (required): Your T number (required):
 CD* iPod** Phone**  YouTube*** Amazon**** Other If “Other” What format is it on:


*Copied CDs are often poor quality and should be used with care.

**If your music is on your iPod/Phone please ensure that the sound quality is good and that you bring your data cable to the workshop.

*** We will only download from Youtube if the quality is acceptable ie HD 1080/720/480.

**** Music can be downloaded from Amazon by the technician for approx. 89p a track and can be paid at the workshop.

Track Number/Name/Link (If YouTube video please add the web address) Time From: Time To:

Sound Effects (if required):

Lessons/Lunches when you are free: