Student Profiles

Harriet Ellis – Sports Prize

Previous School: Whitworth Community High

Destination: Loughborough University – Sports Science and Management

Harriet attained an A* grade in PE, combining her practical ability and theoretical knowledge with ease. Her talent was also appreciated by the national windsurfing squad, with which she has competed all over Europe. The most pleasing aspect to Harriet’s considerable achievements is the humility she has displayed to fellow students and staff, whether this be in the classroom or when playing sport.


Rebecca Hall – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize

Previous School: Saddleworth

Destination: University of Birmingham – Sport and Exercise Science

Becky impressed all her tutors with the determination and enthusiasm she always brought to her studies. Well liked by everyone, she consistently applied herself to everything she was involved in. This also included her sporting activities, which culminated in being a key player in the College Cup winning team.