Course Summary:

German at OSFC will allow you to develop the four basic language skills of listening, reading speaking and writing as well as enabling you to achieve the necessary exam techniques and grammatical skills to succeed. You’ll be taught by tutors with a passion for their language. You’ll learn how to express your opinions in a range of topics; from advertising, sport, relationships, television and film. If you appreciate music, film, arts and culture then you will love the chance to consider cultural topics in the second year. Alongside the work in the classroom there will be a chance to visit Germany as part of a popular exchange programme.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of Sheffield – History and Politics
  • The University of Birmingham – Modern Languages
  • The University of Manchester – Genetics with a Modern Language
  • The University of Chester – Chinese Studies and International Development Studies

Career destinations:

  • Translator
  • Interpreter
  • Language Teacher
  • Business
  • Linguist

Entry Requirements:

You will need at least a grade 6 in German at GCSE level.

Assessment Method:

70% listening, reading and writing; 30% speaking. The examination consists of three papers. Assessment is 100% examination-based.


In addition to your AS level course you could also take up an Enrichment course that gives you the chance to learn a new language over 14 weeks or to develop your practical skills in an existing language at post GCSE level (German, French or Spanish).

In both instances the courses focus on developing speaking and listening skills in a vocational context for particular use in future employment.

Student Case Studies:

Guy Coleman

Guy Coleman

“German was an obvious choice for me. I had a good grounding in the language, was interested in German culture and history and it complemented my other subjects. I particularly enjoyed the exchange in Berlin which was an unforgettable experience and really made a difference to my language skills. I also enjoyed the cultural topics element of the course and studying German literature and film. Studying German at OSFC has had a huge impact on me and I have decided to spend a year getting useful work experience in Berlin before possibly going to university to study the language. Choosing German was a fantastic decision.”