Course Summary:

During your first year you will build upon the knowledge that you have gained from your GCSE course. You will study a wide variety of aspects of the social and cultural life of France, and you will also study a well-known film in detail. To improve your language use you will develop your skills in listening, reading, speaking and writing though studying a range of modern texts. In your second year we will consider some political aspect of the country you are studying and closely examine some works of fiction. Throughout the course you will be taught about the building blocks of the language and will practice the grammar.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • Oxford University – Fine Art/French
  • Oxford University – History
  • The University of Nottingham – Modern Languages
  • Sheffield Hallam University – French with International Business Studies
  • The University of Manchester – Medicine

Career destinations:

Knowledge of a modern foreign language is useful in a range of different careers, including Translation, Business Studies, Law, Tourism and Marketing. Knowledge of a language will help in any career that requires communication skills, problem solving skills, initiative, flexibility or experience of other cultures. Languages are highly valued by Russell Group universities and will facilitate progression onto any degree programme.

Entry Requirements:

You will need at least a grade 6 in French at GCSE level.

Assessment Method:

70% listening, reading and writing; 30% speaking. The examination consists of three papers. Assessment is 100% examination-based.


In addition to your AS level course you could also take up an Enrichment course that gives you the chance to learn a new language over 14 weeks or to develop your practical skills in an existing language at post GCSE level (German, French or Spanish).

In both instances the courses focus on developing speaking and listening skills in a vocational context for particular use in future employment.

Student Case Studies:

Michael Hargreaves

Michael Hargreaves

“I’ve enjoyed studying French because I like learning new languages and how other people in the world live. The teachers are very friendly and I feel I’ve learnt a lot under their guidance and have enjoyed the work that’s been set. I also really enjoyed the French exchange which was very useful. There is an excellent working environment here at OSFC, there are lots of study areas where you can go to catch up with work and there are lots of resources available.”

Michael is planning to continue his studies at university when he leaves College.