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Statistics Course

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Course Summary:

If you are a numerate student and enjoy working with mathematical formulae which produce a useful result, then you should consider joining the A level Statistics course. Graphical calculators are used to work out answers relating to data and probability and it is also important to explain the meaning of what has been found. You’ll study a selection of probability distributions, the collection of data and various hypothesis tests. You’ll find Statistics very useful if you wish to pursue university and career routes that require the ability to work with and interpret numerical and statistical data.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • MMU – Computer Science
  • The University of Chester – Accounting and Finance (3 year)
  • Sheffield Hallam University – Electronic Engineering

Career destinations:

Statistics is an excellent choice for students who need the skills and techniques of critical thinking and processing, interpreting and analysing information. These skills will be particularly useful for courses and careers in Biology, Economics, Geography, Psychology and Sociology.

Entry Requirements:

A minimum grade 5 in GCSE Maths is essential.

Assessment Method:

100% exam

Student Case Studies:

Jake Ghani

Jake Ghani

"I decided to study Statistics because I enjoyed the statistics section of my Maths GCSE; I found it relevant to the real world and therefore more interesting. The course has been challenging but with the help of my tutor I have completed some interesting experiments and I can confidently apply many new statistical techniques, which I hope will prove valuable for my future career."