Course Summary:

Maths introduces mathematical topics beyond those covered at GCSE. Experienced tutors will guide you through algebra, trigonometry and another important branches of Maths and Calculus. Additionally in your first year you’ll choose between a Statistics option and a Mechanics option.

The Statistics option continues to develop the probability and data analysis skills you’ll have been Introduced to in the Handling Data component at GCSE.

The Mechanics option introduces you to the skills needed to accurately model forces and motion and is taken by students studying Physics.

In your second year you’ll study a third option – Decision Maths – which contains topics linked to Business. Studies and Computing.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • University of Bradford – Pharmacy
  • University of Leeds – Civil and Structural Engineering
  • University of Manchester – Mathematics
  • MMU – Accounting and Finance
  • University of Sheffield – History and Politics

Career destinations:

Entry Requirements:

A minimum grade 6 in GCSE Maths is essential.

Assessment Method:

AS 100% exam

Student Case Studies:

Josh Queenan

Josh Queenan

“I really enjoy studying Maths because it is challenging and I have always had a passion for the subject. I’d recommend it to others because if you put the work and time in, the rewards are great and well worthwhile. When I leave College I hope to go to university and take a degree in PE or combined PE and Maths as I want to pursue a career in teaching.”

Caitlin Ellis

Caitlin Ellis

“I like Maths because the topics are interesting and varied. When I leave College I plan to study Biology at the University of Lancaster. Data handling and graphs are very important in biological research so understanding topics such as rates of change and integration will be an advantage when studying Biology at degree level.”