Student Profiles

Morgan Gibson – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize

Previous School: Royton and Crompton

Destination: University of Oxford – Mathematics

Morgan was a truly exceptional student, combining tremendous intelligence with a calm and gentle manner which reflected his maturity and kindness towards others. A talented musician and scientist, we are delighted that his hard work and dedication have been rewarded.


Ryan Murphy – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize & Computing Subject Prize

Previous School: Failsworth

Destination: University of Oxford – Mathematics

Always interested and willing to work hard, Ryan excelled in his Computing studies throughout his two years at college. His A2 coursework was particularly singled out by the exam board as “very impressive”.


Sam Hilton – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize & Further Mathematics Progress Prizer

Previous School: Saddleworth

Destination: University of Sheffield – Physics with Astrophysics

A combination of hard work, quiet determination and increasing confidence led Sam to become one of the highest achieving students in Further Maths. A pleasure to teach he was always there, had a smile for every situation and should be proud of the strides he made at college.


Sean Tighe – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize & Mathematics Subject Prize

Previous School: Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College

Destination: University of Leeds – Human Physiology

Sean’s work ethic was incredible. He consistently produced work of a high standard and pushed himself well beyond the syllabus. Sean was a great student and a delight to have in the classroom. Outside of lessons he was often helping others achieve a better understanding of their mathematics.


Thomas Miller – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize & Electronics Subject Prize

Previous School: Saddleworth

Destination: University of Oxford – Physics

Thomas paid meticulous attention to detail and worked to very exacting standards throughout the course. From an early stage he showed a considerable insight into the way circuits work, clearly demonstrated by his superb project work that earned 100%.