Course Summary:

Sociology asks us to take a step back from the world we live in and to question how society works. Sociologists are particularly interested in power, inequality and social order, and look at the ways in which gender, ethnicity and social class can influence our lives. Sociologists ask difficult questions that prompt us to find solutions to the challenges we face in society. If you have found yourself asking questions about the way society works, then sociology may be what you have been looking for. You will develop your ability to evaluate the evidence, present logical arguments and deepen your understanding of the society in which we live.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of Cambridge – Sociology
  • University of Warwick – Sociology
  • Lancaster University – Sociology/criminology
  • Manchester Metropolitan University – Sociology/psychology
  • The University of Manchester- Sociology

Career destinations:

Sociology is a good basis for any degree course and particularly for careers in Social Work, Teaching, the Police and Legal professions, Research, Journalism, Welfare, Management and Human Resources. Sociology will also teach you a range of valuable skills, including analytical, communication and self-awareness.

Entry Requirements:

A grade 4 or above in English Language or Literature is highly desirable as the course requires well developed communication skills, both oral and written. Sociology GCSE is not required.

Assessment Method:

100% exam

Student Case Studies:

Danny Minien

Danny Minien

“Sociology fits well with my other subjects, especially Government and Politics, as it offers sociological theories and explanations that go alongside political ideas. It teaches you about issues that you can then apply to everyday life outside of College. The tutors encourage you to go the extra mile to boost your studies and the students all have positive attitudes to work which creates a work-friendly atmosphere.”

Faryaal Ali

Faryaal Ali

“The topics we have studied in Sociology have been very interesting and useful as they have allowed me to gain an insight into how society works and how people act in society. Personally I believe Sociology is important as it helps you understand the relationships between individuals living in a community. Discussing and debating the issues and finding out what other people think is also interesting as it allows me to voice my opinions and listen to others’. Overall the subject is engaging as you can use your own knowledge about society and discuss it using the theories of sociologists.”