Course Summary:

Geology builds on traditional science skills and gives a refreshing change of emphasis to the study of science. If you are interested in the evolution of the earth and how life has evolved, Geology is for you. You will study topics such as the earth’s structure, geological time and change including minerals and rocks, along with fossils. If you also enjoy practical application of knowledge and would like to develop your observational and problem-solving skills, including map-work, Geology will suit you. Fieldwork and practical work are integral parts of the course and you will take part in a range of activities to embed your learning from the classroom in the real world.

Higher Education and Career Destinations:

Geology is an ideal starting point for HE courses such as Geological Science, Hazard Geology and Engineering Geology, and careers including Oil Research, Mining Exploration, Marine Geology, Geochemistry, Civil Engineering, Research and Teaching.

Entry Requirements:

At least a grade 4 in Science GCSE and Mathematics GCSE is essential.

Assessment Method:

AS Level 1 Year
100% Exam

A Level 2 Year
100% Exam and Practical Endorsement (Non-exam assessment). This is an assessment of practical competency. It is reported separately and does not contribute to your final grade.

Subject Combinations:

Geology is a useful science which has strong links with Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There is a complementary link with Geography, and it combines successfully with a wide range of A Levels, including Humanities, Sciences, and Mathematics.