Course Summary:

Archaeology is the study of the human past through the physical evidence that people left behind. You will develop your analytical skills by using a range of evidence to make informed conclusions to fascinating questions such as: How were prehistoric societies organised? Why did people start farming rather than hunting and gathering? How do we recover and interpret the physical evidence?

Expert tutors will help you learn how archaeologists discover sites and what scientific methods we can use to investigate the people that made them. There will be opportunities to take part in activities and trips to enhance your learning, including a visit to the British Museum in London, and to the prehistoric stone circles of the Peak District.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of Chester-Forensic Biology and Archaeology
  • The University of Leicester- Geography
  • The University of York – Archaeology
  • The University of Derby- American Studies and Geology

Career destinations:

  • Archaeologist
  • Historic Building inspector
  • Conservation officer
  • Museum Curator
  • Exhibition officer

Entry Requirements:

A grade 4 in English Language and/or English Literature.

Assessment Method:

AS 100% examA Level 60% exam 40% coursework


Students wishing to get further practical experience, the department has links with local archaeological excavations and museums. Excavations normally take place in the summer holiday and provide training opportunities for those interested in pursuing archaeology as a career. Students also have the opportunity to study prehistoric artefacts from local museum collections as the focus of their A2 coursework.

Student Case Studies:

Tom Warburton

Tom Warburton

“I came to OSFC because it offered the subjects that interested me the most – such as Archaeology and Ancient History. I’ve found this subject very interesting – a lot is left to your own interpretation, it’s not just memorising content for an exam like other subjects. Also, the tutors here really care about your progress and success and there’s a great relationship between staff and students”

Tom is planning to go on to university to study Archaeology when he finishes College.