Creative Writing

creative_writingWhat we do and what we think about it!

Examples of writing

Read through a selection of writing from many different genres, all produced by students on the course. You also get to give each piece a rating!

The Immortal – Josh Mackle – A short story with a twist

Steve Goodman is a respectable man, with a beautiful wife and a comfortable lifestyle. However, along with his daughter Christy, he is living in the past…but how?

An intriguing and moving tale about family and moving on, which Josh Mackle tells in an incredibly fragile and interesting way.

An assortment of poems inspired by Simon Armitage’s work with homeless people in Manchester. Thought provoking and empathic these poems reflect the style of Armitage whilst promoting a moral message from an alternative perspective. Including…

Burnt – by John Marsland

Common People – by Hayley Charlesworth

Writing for Children – Relive your childhood with these entertaining stories!

Twinkle the little star – by Sarah Turner –  A quaint story which teaches the joys of friendshipby Sarah Turner

Twinkle and his friends are going to watch the fireworks… but… who will Twinkle watch them with?

Jack the jolly jellybean – by Kelly BoswellA humorous children’s tale

Jack the Jolly Jellybean is blue because nobody seems to have remembered his birthday so his best friend Sally tries to cheer his up by buying him lots of things but everything just goes wrong! Poor Jack! Will Jack ever get to be happy on his birthday?

My naughty little kitty – By Emily Lees and Kirsty Chadderton

Join Millie and her naughty little kitty in fun and frolics as they go on the hunt for treats.

Comatose in the funeral home – by Simon Cavanagh – A powerful poem by Simon Cavanagh, and in the author’s own words…

My inspiration for this poem came from life itself…