What is the Enrichment Programme?

The enrichment programme at Oldham Sixth Form College offers a wide range of subjects and activities in addition to academic studies. Here we provide students with the opportunity to learn new skills, achieve extra qualifications or gain useful experiences. All of which can contribute towards students’ development and learning beyond their academic courses. This diverse programme of activities enables students to develop their personal, social and sporting interests and prepares them more effectively both for higher education and future employment.

Here you can find details of the extensive activities offered at Oldham Sixth Form College to enrich your education:

For example:

  • courses such as First Aid, Pre-teaching, Sports Leaders Award and Gym Fitness Instructor enable students with particular vocational aims to acquire specific skills and recognised qualifications which will help them in their future career
  • taking part in Work Shadowing or Volunteering, which can enhance applications for University courses, or perhaps act as a ‘taster’ for their future career
  • Foreign Language courses:interest-based courses in areas like Sport, Music, Drama and Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. These enable students from across the College, who otherwise might not meet, to participate together
  • These include courses for students who have passed GCSE in a language and courses for beginners
  • They are offered in French, German, and Spanish and Italian
  • Citizenship, Critical Thinking, and Science in Society provide an opportunity to achieve an additional AS or A2 qualification. These are valued by HE and employers
  • Junior University extension workshops and Oxbridge Groups: for students with the ambition and potential to apply for a place at Oxford, Cambridge or other prestigious Universities. These groups provide the opportunity to get together with other students and prepare for their application and interview.

Basketball Centre for Excellence:

To provide a comprehensive Basketball Programme that challenges students to exceed their expectations, by providing a unique combination of high quality education and Basketball expertise.

In addition to your studies, as part of the centre for excellence programme you can expect:

  • Training sessions built into your timetable, focusing on both individual & team performance.
  • Competitive Fixtures in the British Colleges League and Cup Competitions.
  • Competitive Fixtures in the English Schools u19s League & Cup Competitions.
  • Coaching from experienced and successful coaches with proven track records at your age group.
  • Basketball related qualifications including coaching, refereeing, and table officiating courses.
  • A personalised strength and conditioning programme, delivered via a Gym Instructor qualification, enabling you to design, monitor and develop your training and performance.
  • Sports Therapy provision including recovery, injury rehabilitation, and sports massage.
  • A Sports Leadership qualification, equipping you with the skills to lead and coach.
  • The Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award with a basketball twist, making your future job and university applications personalised and unique.
  • Overseas Club Links providing opportunities to compete abroad via the Manchester Giants.

Critical Thinking AS Level

This course provides you with skills such as analysis, evaluation and the ability to compose reasoned and coherent arguments which can benefit your performance across a range of subjects both in the Humanities and Science. It is taught in one lesson a week as an Enrichment course.

Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Award

This prestigious Award is highly recognised throughout the country. It can be beneficial in landing that university place or job you really want.   OSFC offers the Gold Level of the Award, regardless of whether you have already completed Bronze or Silver.

You can tailor-make this qualification to your own interests. The Award consists of five sections: learning a new skill, doing something physical, volunteering your time, a camping expedition, and a four day residential. Your aim is to complete at least one section of the Award per year, (although you can work on as many as you wish). You have until you are 25 to complete the full Award, we’re here to get you started…

We also offer many enrichment courses which can contribute towards your Award. Equally, you may already be doing things that count towards it such as playing football, netball, learning First Aid, being in the College production, improving your photography, or even learning to drive.

Enrol on the DofE – it could be the difference between you and another candidate in today’s competitive market!

Art & Design courses

In 2014/15 the Art department is offering two enrichment courses:

The Drawing enrichment course supports those studying Textiles, 3D Design, Fine Art or the Art and Design Extended Diploma course. It explores a variety of drawing techniques, materials and approaches and is aimed at Art and Design students of all abilities. Drawings done can be added to the main body of coursework produced within these Art and Design subject areas and will develop essential skills.

Photoshop enrichment is open to all students studying Art and Design here and will support and enhance their skills, particularly those studying Graphics, Photography, Fine Art and the Extended Diploma.   It is pitched initially at students with no previous experience of this software and will build in complexity as the skills of the group develop.                                                                                       Photoshop will be explored within a Graphic Design context and students will enjoy investigating the many facilities it has to offer – including the techniques of layer blending, vectorised illustration, photographic post production editing, typography and layout.                                                                    A range of experiments will be produced and printed for either personal portfolio use or to support coursework.

Extended Project Qualification

The EPQ is a prestigious qualification which will develop your research skills and show you’re the kind of student who likes to go the extra mile. It’s a very worthwhile addition to your study programme – why not find out more?

First Aid

Have you ever seen someone have a fit, have difficulty breathing, or worse …… and not known what to do? This course should give you the confidence to treat people and teach you how to bandage and do CPR. It’s a very hands on course involving a lot of practical work. There are skills to learn which you will be assessed on continually. This is an externally accredited course and there will be two multiple choice papers spread over the accredited 20 hours. First Aid is ideally suited to those interested in working with children, nursing etc or who just want to learn this essential life-saving skill.

Fitness instructor

This practically based course is designed to introduce you to exercise and fitness, allowing you to make informed exercise and lifestyle decisions. On successful completion you’ll achieve the Level 1 award in fitness and physical activity (QCF) Central YMCA Qualification which is nationally recognised and acts as an introduction to employment opportunities within the fitness industry. On the course you’ll plan and carryout your own 6 week training programme and lead safe and effective circuit training sessions.

Foreign Language Courses

Spanish, German and French enrichment is offered for students picking up one of these languages as a complete beginner. The course entails 12 weeks instruction on a recognised qualification awarded by ABC Awards. You’ll learn the essentials of day to day language in typical tourist situations e.g. booking hotel rooms, buying a train ticket, ordering food.

Benefits of the course are

  • it is 100% practical
  • There is no homework involved!
  • There are no exams or coursework.
  • A pass is awarded on successful completion of 4 simple assignments focusing on speaking and listening.
  • A relaxed classroom atmosphere
  • The possibility of taking part in the college’s exchange programmes

Oxbridge Group

This course helps students achieving very high grades (successful Oxbridge applicants will typically have a grade A record at GCSE, including some A* grades) prepare their applications for Oxford and Cambridge universities The course will cover the differences between these universities and others in the Russell Group, and provide support for extra study and interview preparation. A range of study opportunities outside college will be available as well as Open day visits.

Performing Arts

There are various Performing Arts enrichments you can choose to take part in. The most popular is the College production, which is either a play or a musical.  Past years have included productions of West Side Story, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Cabaret and Little Shop of Horrors.  As well as a chance to perform, there are also opportunities for stage management.

We also offer courses in Ballet and audition techniques, which students have found invaluable in preparing for the audition process at either university or stage school.

The production for this year’s Performing Arts enrichment is a mixture of work by the northern playwright Jim Cartwright, taken from three of his most well-known works; Road, Two and The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.  Cartwright’s work is known for both its gritty realism, and comic poignancy.  Both Road and Two are set in “any northern town,” so we already have the location sorted!

We’re hoping there will be opportunities for musicians and dancers within the production, as well as actors, and there may also be some opportunity for a small stage management team.

Our college productions are a staple of the college calendar and are always a huge success.  The students thoroughly enjoy being a part of something very special.  The only thing we ask of you is that you are committed to the rehearsal process and enjoy performing.  Once you have signed up you’ll be given details of the audition process. 


If you’re interested in a career in teaching or working with children this course could be for you. All teacher training colleges require evidence of work experience as part of their entry requirements. When you enrol, the College tries to set aside a morning on your timetable for you to go out to your placement either in term 1 or term 2. We help you find the school of your choice whether it is secondary or primary. You then go to your school for 10 weeks and keep a record of learning experiences in a diary. We have found this diary really helps when attending interviews with university/college admissions tutors.

Russell Group (RG) Tutor Groups

The Russell Group is made up of 24 elite universities for which competition is particularly fierce and where most courses require very high grades. To support the most academically able in applying for these universities we’ve set up RG Tutor Groups where the emphasis is on encouraging students to develop advanced study skills and read widely round their subjects.

Science Activities

Our Science students not only benefit from the outstanding learning environment provided by the new Regional Science Centre, but also from the strong links established with a variety of national Science bodies such as the Nuffield Project and the Ogden Trust. They offer highly sought after opportunities to work alongside practising scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Sports leadership

This is a largely practical enrichment course that on achievement will lead to a nationally recognised level 2 award in in sports leadership. The course aims to develop essential skills such as organisation, communication and working with others in a practical setting. The aim of the qualification is to prepare learners to be responsible, motivated and confident leaders who are able to deliver safe, purposeful and enjoyable sport/ activity while under direct supervision. On completion you will be required to carry out 10 hours of voluntary leadership in order to become accredited.

Sport Teams and Clubs

Cricket Academy

These sessions will be available to any OSFC student regardless of their previous experience or ability. Girls and boys are welcome to participate in mixed sessions. The course runs in 1 or 2 sessions per week and will include a range of the following sessions;

  • 2 weeks’ worth of trial style sessions/talent ID
  • Developmental sessions covering all disciplines
  • Individual coaching sessions to suit YOUR individual needs or if you want to concentrate on a particular aspect of your game
  • Team net sessions
  • Possible involvement from LCB/ECB coaches
  • Bowling machine sessions to concentrate on specific batting issues
  • Possible cross/inter college indoor 6 aside tournaments during close season
  • Possible fixtures v local colleges using local league grounds- for example, this year OSFC played against Bolton 6th Form at Little Lever CC
  • Possible coaching awards

Street Law

The idea of Street Law is based on Law students researching and learning about an area of law that affects their local community and then going out into that community and educating people on their legal rights via different presentation methods.

Street Law is a programme that is normally run at selective universities because of the amount of time and specialised legal knowledge that is needed by students in order for it to be undertaken successfully so being able to add Street Law to a legal CV at the age of 16-17 is considered very rare. It is also recognised as incredibly impressive because it is seen as completing pro bono work (legal voluntary work).

The 2014 Street Law Teams delivered presentations on ‘Child Abuse’ and ‘Forced Marriages’ and presented their project at Failsworth High School and the University of Huddersfield.


We’re keen to promote volunteering opportunities and there’s an annual Volunteering Fair at which you can sign up to support local organisations that are looking for volunteers.

Work Placements

If you’re an AS/A Level student and want to apply for a university course that requires particular vocational experience prior to application, we can help arrange work shadowing placements in the College holidays. If you’re applying for a vocational course, you’ll be involved in work related activity as part of your programme.

Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise Programme allows you to set up and run a real firm for a year under the guidance of a business volunteer. You’ll get practical experience of the joys and pitfalls of creating a truly functioning enterprise.

On this course you’ll do everything from raising the initial share capital through to designing and making your product or service, selling directly to customers at specially organised trade fairs and ultimately winding up the firm and paying your taxes!

This course is designed to help develop key skills that enhance young people’s employability and enterprise capabilities. Universities and employers tend to look favourably on students who have completed the programme.

Our teams take part in the Christmas Markets in Manchester town centre, the Trafford Centre Trade Fair, Dragons Den competition and the Area Finals – which includes a presentation, company report and a trade stand. Our students are in competition with over ten teams in the area and are judged by various entrepreneurs and high profile businessmen and women. OSFC teams have been proud winners of various awards over the years – best report, best presentation, Runners up, Overall winners and many more!!!

More information on the Young Enterprise scheme is available on: