Student Profiles

Bethany Cox – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize

Previous School: Mossley Hollins

Destination: University of Oxford – English Language and Literature

Bethany’s friendly, sociable and self deprecating personality secured her many friends at OSFC. Conscientious, intelligent, hardworking and phenomenally diligent, she deserves every success in the future.


Jessica Bird – English Language Progress Prize & German Progress Prize

Previous School: Saddleworth

Destination: University of Sheffield – Chinese Studies with German

Jessica was an enthusiastic student who strove to reach her full potential and gained some outstanding marks. She devoted a huge amount of her time to improving her performance and completed many practice exercises, achieving some well deserved excellent results.


Joel Wolstenholme -Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize

Previous School: Mossley Hollins

Destination: University of Sunderland – English Language with Linguistics

Joel was an outgoing, friendly and enthusiastic student who was popular with both his peers and tutors. An impressive sportsman who successfully captained the College basketball team, he also proved himself to be a very creative and skilled writer.


Rachel Bramah – Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize, Chemistry Subject Prize & English Literature Subject Prize

Previous School: Royton and Crompton

Destination: University of St Andrews – Medicine

A wonderfully bright student with an engaging personality and exceptional ability, Rachel exemplified the model student in every way. Her enthusiasm and unfailing cheerfulness made her a pleasure to teach and she showed a maturity and determination to succeed well beyond her years.


Rebecca Taylor – English Literature Progress Prize

Previous School: St Augustine of Canterbury (now Newman RC College)

Destination: University of Chester – Christian Youthwork

Rebecca’s dry sense of humour frequently made us laugh and her hard work deserved the reward of a high grade. She produced consistently good work on all aspects of the course, including excellent coursework. We wish her great success for the future.