English Language

Course Summary:

English Language puts written and spoken word under the microscope to expose the delicate intricacies of the texts which we see in every aspect of our daily lives. You will be passionate about words and wish to explore more about how texts achieve their purposes, and how they work for their audiences. We will also explore how language evolves and adapts when we investigate how children learn to speak. Budding writers can hone their creative writing skills by starting to develop their own voice as a writer and using the techniques you have studied in your own writing.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of Huddersfield – English Language
  • The University of Manchester – English Language for Education
  • The University of Sheffield- Law
  • Leeds College of Art – Creative Advertising
  • The University of Huddersfield – Sports Journalism
  • The University of Leed s- English Language and Linguistics

Career destinations:

  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Law
  • Market Research
  • Author
  • Teaching

Entry Requirements:

A 4 in English Language and English Literature. (Not taken English Literature at school?) Get in touch and we will discuss other ways in which we can evaluate your love of reading and essay writing skills!)

Assessment Method:

AS Level 1 Year
100% Exam

A Level 2 Year
80% Exam
20% Coursework


We offer a range of enrichment opportunities including

  • a creative writing enrichment class for those who particularly enjoy writing and for students considering a career involving writing.
  • Support for students wishing to apply for Oxford and Cambridge.

Student Case Studies:

Palvisha Khan

Palvisha Khan

“I chose English Language because I’m interested in pursuing journalism as a career and felt this subject would be useful. I enjoyed doing creative writing as a part of the coursework. Preparing an article based on style models of newspaper articles was particularly interesting as we had to write in similar style to the style models we found. The second piece of coursework involved writing a short story also based on a style model. It allowed me to be creative when writing. I’d like to go on to study English as a combined degree with another subject which is relevant to the field of journalism.”

Rebecca Lutener

Rebecca Lutener

“Personally I enjoyed the coursework elements of English Language, as they allowed me to write my own pieces and develop my writing skills and techniques. The topics I have studied have been very interesting and allowed me to expand my knowledge of linguistics in a way that differs from GCSE English. It’s a more focused course that explores how power and technology, among other aspects, influence the language we use. When I leave College I hope to go on to university to further my education, which will allow me to gain qualifications that open up greater prospects in the future.”