Course Summary:

Choosing Economics at OSFC you’ll consider important questions such as: why are taxes necessary? Can price rises be controlled? Is it possible to have more hospitals, schools, social services and better armed forces at the same time? Learning from tutors with in-depth experience, you’ll develop an understanding of basic economic theories and the ability to apply them to current economic problems.

Higher Education Destinations:

  • The University of Salford – Business and Management
  • The University of Liverpool- International Business
  • Lancaster University – Accounting and Finance
  • Sheffield Hallam University – Business Economics
  • Manchester Metropolitan University – Economics and Finance
  • The University of Sheffield – Economics and Politics

Career destinations:

Entry Requirements:

Grade 5 in Maths and 4 in English Language.

Assessment Method:

100% Exam

Student Case Studies:

Siobhan Taylor

Siobhan Taylor

“Economics is a subject that really interests me, because it’s something that affects all of us and it’s so relevant. A day doesn’t go by where it isn’t discussed by analysts in the news. I chose to study it because I wanted to understand how the system works and I’ve found it really interesting to see how leading government organisations in the UK decide on factors such as inflation rates and tax values. I think the economy is something underestimated by people my age and I’ve enjoyed learning about it.”

Siobhan is hoping to study Economics and Politics as a joint honours degree at university when she leaves College.