Art & Design

AS/A Level: Fine Art | Graphic Design | 3D Creative Design | Art & Design (Double Award) | Textile Design | Photography

AS/A Level - Fine Art
Entry Requirements:
C or above at GCSE (or equivalent) in any Art & Design subjects.
About the Subject:
The main emphasis is on personal development and building up of a portfolio both for assessment and progression onto higher levels. This is achieved through the development of drawing and painting skills and gradual development of more individual ways of working. Artists work, both traditional and contemporary plays an important role in the development of coursework and there by encourages the students to broaden their subject knowledge and understanding. Specialist staff provide regular constructive feedback and as the course develops students develop an increasingly confident and independent approach to their studies.
Students would be expected to develop skills in working independently both in and out of timetabled sessions. Students wishing to progress on to Architecture courses are strongly recommended to take the course.
Suitable Subject Combinations:
Fine Art, Creative/Ceramic/Textile Design, Photography, Applied Art, IT, Media or Film Studies.
Course Content:

AS Level - First Year of course: introduction to a range of media and techniques whilst developing drawing and painting skills.
2 Units
Unit 1: Portfolio; a collection of coursework carried out during the AS course worth 80 marks.
Weighting 50% of total AS marks/25% of total A Level marks.

Unit 2: Externally set assignment (exam). Five exciting starting points set by the Examination Board. This is worth 80 marks and includes 5 hours supervised exam time.
Weighting 50% of total AS marks/25% of the total A Level marks.

A2 Level - Second Year of course: a greater depth of study building on the AS experience.
2 Units
Unit 3: A personal investigation developing a theme, idea or issue of your choice supported by 1000 to 3000 words. This coursework is worth 80 marks.
Weighting 25% of total A Level marks.

Unit 4: Externally set assignment (exam). 8 exciting starting points set by the Examination Board. This is worth 80 marks and includes 15 hours supervised exam time.

Careers in this subject range from Magazine and Book Illustration, Photography, Architecture, Teaching, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaker, Fashion Design, Textile Design etc, to the less obvious and more specialised such as Medical Illustration, Shoe Design, Transport Design, Film and Video, Stage Design, Packaging Design.