Course Profile - Certificate in Sport

AS/A Level: Physical Education
OCR: National Diploma in Sport

OCR - National Diploma in Sport
Entry Requirements:


It is desirable that students complete (with P, M orD) a BTEC First in Sport qualification and meet the College entry requirements - 33 points and a D/E in Maths or English GCSE (either way round). An interest in Leisure Recreation and the Sports Industry is advantageous.

About the Subject:
The OCR National Diploma in Sport course is designed to encourage breadth of study and will provide students with a broad education as a basis for training leading to employment and for Higher Education. Students will have the opportunity to investigate sport and related industries. Students will study units related to them as a performer investigating nutrition, training and fitness, as well as coaching and sports development. Throughout the course students are assessed through a variety of methods and are encouraged to reflect on their in order to improve. The course will provide students with vocational and academic skills recognised by employers and university admissions tutors.

The pictures are of the Year 13 students who worked with St Patrick's Primary School to provide a highly successful sporting event. The students devised, planned and carried out the event with 30 year 6 students.

Suitable Subject Combinations:
The OCR may be combined with many other AS levels that could either complement or contrast. This will depend on career choices and aspirations beyond College. Possible complementary AS level combinations include: Dance, Human Biology, Business, ICT, Psychology and Leisure Studies.
Course Content:
The course is predominately theory based containing no assessment of a students’ practical ability. Tutors endeavour to make the course as practical as possible. Students will study 12 units over two years including: Sports in Industry, Sport in the UK, Sports Coaching (CSLA), Anatomy and Physiology, Learning and Developing Sports Skills, Sports Injuries, Sport in Society, Fitness and Training.
Special Features of the Course:
This is a unique course that is run in partnership with Failsworth School, where a member of staff from Failsworth School teaches two of the units. This also enables the students to conduct their Sports Coaching unit at the school working with year seven students. Throughout the course you will have full access to the College facilities and have the opportunity to take a full part in the College enrichment programme, including team sports, the Community Sports Leader Award, CYMCA Gym Fitness Instructor and a First Aid Course.
The course will be built around compulsory and optional units, which will be either internally or externally assessed by assignments only. There are no external examinations. Candidates will leave with one grade that is equal to two A Levels at either Pass (P), Merit (M) or Distinction (D) level. This correlates to D=AA or 240 points, M1=BB or 200 points, M2=CC or 160 points, P2=DD or 120 points, P=EE or 80 points.
This course is widely respected by both employers and universities. The course provides employable skills and a useful step into a university degree or foundation degree in such courses as Leisure Management, Sport Science, Sport and Recreational Management, Outdoor Activity Management, Sports Development and Teaching.