We offer both academic and vocational courses, with a wide variety of subjects from which to choose.Making your choice is not always straightforward – so we have put together the guidelines below to help you select the best combination of subjects for you.

It is advisable to choose:

  • Subjects that you enjoy studying – but check the content of the course carefully as it can be different to GCSE
  • Subjects that you are good at – to do well at Advanced Level it’s best to study subjects in which you achieved your strongest results at school
  • Subjects for which you meet the entry requirements – in some cases you will need a B or C grade in a subject at GCSE in order to study it at A Level
  • Courses that are assessed in a way that suits you – consider which you prefer: revising topics and taking exams, or working throughout a course with assignments?
  • Subjects that support your career choice or future study – some degrees and careers require you to study particular subjects at College – for more information check on

When you have chosen your subjects:

It is also important to consider how well your overall programme fits together. It is best to choose a range of subjects that support and complement each other.For example, it is usually advisable to study a science subject with another science subject or Maths.If you are in doubt about your courses, please talk with your school careers adviser, or contact the Careers Helpline for Young People on 0800 100 900.

Once we have received your Application Form, we will arrange for you to have an individual interview for admission to the College, and again when enrolling after receiving your GCSE results.We will discuss your programme carefully with you to make sure you are studying the most appropriate subjects for you.