Ex-Students Contact

How can Ex-Students request a reference from Oldham Sixth Form College?

References for students who have left college

If you have left college and require a reference, we are happy to help and we will send references directly to employers or through UCAS. Contact for an Employment Reference. The employer who requires the reference must either post the reference for the attention of Gillian Oakley or e-mail the request to goy@osfc.ac.uk including

  • Your full name
  • The year you left college
  • Your College ID number and/or date of birth

Contact for Reference for Universities/ Colleges/ Bursaries

Send an e-mail to Careers careers@osfc.ac.uk including:

  • Your full name
  • The year you left college
  • Your College ID number and/ or date of birth
  • A daytime contact telephone number
  • Details of what you are applying for
  • Brief details of what you have been doing since you left college or any other relevant information

Note – If applying through UCAS, you will be sent instructions about what you need to do on the UCAS website to have your reference added by OSFC. Your reference is added before you send your form.


At the busiest times for UCAS, it can take up to four weeks to provide a reference for both current or ex-students.  Please get in touch to request a reference as early as you can.