Celebrating National Philosophy Week at OSFC

28th November 2016 by OSFC. Comments (0)

The Philosophy FoundationOn Tuesday 22nd November representatives from The Philosophy Foundation visited OSFC to celebrate National Philosophy Week.  Students studying Philosophy at OSFC, and those who had never studied Philosophy before came together to take part in thought experiments.Bridget, a representative from The Philosophy Foundation, said, “We come to schools and colleges to encourage students to do philosophy rather than just learning about it.  It’s not about finding the correct answer but about the thought process.”Our students discussed what exactly a number is and whether we are in fact living in a ‘matrix’.  Amy Ramsay, the course leader for Philosophy, said, “Today has been about promoting awareness of philosophy and encouraging young people to develop their critical thinking skills.Have you ever wondered about big questions such as: Could I be living in a matrix?  What is right or wrong?  What is time?  Who am I?  If you would like to find out more about studying Philosophy at OSFC visit osfc.numagoo.com/philosophy.

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