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CAPITA talkOn Thursday 24th November, Amanda Davies, the Marketing and Implementation Manager from CAPITA, presented a workshop to students studying Spanish, German and French about the variety of career options that are available in the language industry.

Amanda emphasised the importance of language learning and various career paths within the language industry that expand the students’ career options dramatically.  The highlight of the session was when those students interested in this area were offered short placements in coming months working in the translation and interpreting environment to gain invaluable experience.

Tutor for Spanish Gemma Curto, said, ‘The presentation was extremely informative; the students now have a much better idea of the opportunities that studying languages can bring about in the future.’

The students found the session very valuable and gave glowing feedback:

‘I had a good experience. I have learned about the career opportunities that are there in doing languages subjects. I was a really good idea to have this talk.’
Uzaifa Raja

‘I think that the workshop enlightened everyone to the world of work within the translation and interpreting industry. It was very interesting and useful to find out the different types of jobs available‘
Emine Cakir

‘The CAPITA workshop gave me another reason why I want to keep studying new languages and gave me  a new way to improve my social skills with languages that I already know and speak on a daily basis.’
Aisha Omo Ikerodah

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