Business and Law trip to Alton Towers

27th September 2016 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Alton Towers (11)160 Business and Law students began settling into life at OSFC by taking part in a visit to Alton Towers. The full day trip, planned and supervised by staff within the Business and Law curriculum area, aims to support students through the sometimes difficult transition from school to college whilst having a direct link to assignments and topics on the various courses within the department.Yahya Goga, Level 2 and 3 Business Studies course leader, explains the benefits of this early intervention, “our Business Studies program is one that provides students with a wide range of soft and hard skills. By taking the students out of the classroom and into the real world they can begin to explore how businesses and people really work.”The Business and Law team enjoyed the day and developed a good understanding and relationships with students. Some of the more experienced members of the team even managed to have a game of ‘Extraordinary Golf’. Curriculum Area leader, Neil McDonald, added that “it’s vital we support students to develop friendships during their early days at college. These relationships help to build inter-personal skills that are important for moving onto university, training and employment.” Neil added that “students who work hard throughout their time here leave as independent learners, with an expansive skill set and ready to inventthemselves”.Students taking part in the visit enjoyed meeting new friends and exploring their first business research exercise. Jacob, visiting Alton Towers for the fifth time, said “it’s a nice way to get to know people outside the classroom, I was particularly interested in how the Smiler was remarketed following the tragic event two summers ago.” Shakila, visiting for the first time, explained she had ideas for how the management team might combat the negative media surrounding the park; they need to focus on communication and how Alton Towers is a safe theme park to visit.”The cohort will now work on producing a series of marketing and business communication resources for Alton Towers as part of their upcoming assignments. Students will need to produce a poster to attract new visitors, along with a leaflet to outline an area of corporate social responsibility that Alton Towers might choose to commit to, before finally delivering a presentation on the history of the Alton Towers theme park business.

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