British Science Week 2017

16th March 2017 by OSFC. Comments (0)

On Tuesday 14th March students from 6 local schools gathered at OSFC’s Regional Science Centre to celebrate British Science Week 2017.  Over the course of day, 50 experiments were delivered by 75 year 12 science ambassadors to 120 year 9 students.

Throughout the three hours students spent at OSFC, they completed six hands on experiments, including heart dissection, experimenting with dry ice and making bouncy balls.  Our science tutors trained over 75 year 12 scientists to deliver the experiments to the younger students, and ensure they were carried out safely.  We are also privileged to work closely with Manchester University, who sent two PhD students, Robert Moorecroft and Chris Jones, to deliver experiments.  The PhD students brought in specialist equipment from the university, which the students had never used before, in order to test the strength of materials. There was a very positive buzz about science and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Head of Science, Kathryn Parkinson, said:

“There is a lot of pressure on schools in the current climate and students’ experimental skills in science can sometimes suffer as a result. Here at OSFC we have incredible science staff who are highly qualified and wanted to promote the fun side of science, through our science ambassadors, to the younger students. We feel we achieved our aim in creating a buzz about science.  We hope the year 9 students will now be inspired to find out more about science, as the more you study science, the more interesting it becomes.”

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