Award Winning Author Bali Rai visits OSFC

21st October 2016 by OSFC. Comments (0)

Bail RaiDr Bali Rai, an award winning young adult author, visited Oldham Sixth Form on Wednesday 19th October to discuss his new book Game On.  Bali is an admired author of teen fiction, whose books are prolifically read by GCSE students as one of their set texts.  According to the author, “My aim has always been to write the sort of books me and my mates (many of whom didn’t read) would have loved at school.  Reading for pleasure is a passion for me and I try to instil that in everyone I talk to.” Bali gave a talk to students, as well as a question and answer session and a book signing.  After the lunch time session Bali also led a creative writing workshop for our English Language and Literature students and the student newspaper team.  Students gained a greater understanding of how stories are put together and the typical story arc of building tension that is prevalent in fiction.  One of our Student Executive Zenab Khan said, “Bali took us through some key points of story-telling: planning, opening and characterisation. From his first word to his last, he had our complete attention. Asking someone what their favourite colour is seems like one of the most mundane questions known to man but when Bali asked us the favourite colour of our favourite characters, almost no one had an answer. He showed us how to bring together such simple ideas like these to humanise our characters and bring them to life on the pages, to really make that connection with the reader. Bali was so much help and I just wish the session was longer.”If you are interested in studying English at OSFC or simply want the opportunity to meet famous authors come along to our Open Day on Saturday 19th November.For more information on the English courses on offer visit

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