Fine Art students work with professional artist Stefanie Trow

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IMG_7405On Wednesday 7th December a professional artist, Stefanie Trow, visited OSFC to spend the day with Fine Art students.  Stefanie is a working artist, currently living in Manchester, who has exhibited across the UK.

Course Leader, Diane Payne, said, “It was interesting getting the students to work in a looser style, which is removed from how they usually work.  The students spent the whole day on their portraits, rather than just one lesson, using easels and big brushes to create portraits in a similar style to Stefanie’s.”

This was Stefanie’s first time working in a college with young aspiring artists.  When asked why she decided to spend a day with Art students she said, “When I was at Art school I never had interactions with working artists; it was always a far off dream.  I wanted to come in and show the students that being an artist is a viable career.”

Phoebe Jones, a student studying 2 art subjects, said, “I have never painted portraits before, so this is an exciting opportunity.  Stef has introduced me to interesting new ways of working, which will be useful for the rest of the course.”

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