Curriculum Area & Course Information

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1. Message from the CAL

2. Future Options

3. Infographic Stastics

4. Activities and trips (one activity/trip per box)

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1. Course Title

2. About the course (Course summary)

3. What will I study? (offer a good idea of what the course focuses on and what students will do)

4. Additional activities and trips

5. What could I do next?

6. What could the future look like?

Additional Course Information

1. Course content
Year 1

Year 2

2. Course assessment
Year 1

Year 2

3. Specific entry requirements

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What is the students name (required)

Do you know the grades achieved for your subject? (required)

Can you give a summary of their story? (How did they impress you?)

Where are they now?

Do you have any contact information?