OSFC Grand Litter Pick

Oldham Sixth Form College has teamed up with Oldham Council, Metrolink and Halfords to carry out a ‘Grand Litter Pick’.

Staff and students from the college volunteered to help clear up the local area, alongside volunteers and staff from OMBC’s Environmental Team and Metrolink.

Litter Pick

Spanish A2 students on an Essay Writing day at MMU

Spanish A2 students attended an Essay Writing workshop at MMU

Spanish A2 Level students attended an Essay Writing workshop on ‘El Laberinto del Fauno’ by Guillermo Del Toro last Wednesday 30th November.

The study afternoon included various talks and activities on the film, as well as tips for essay writing. The workshop explored the following elements: structuring an essay, arguing and illustrating a point, focusing on characters, themes and director’s style, building a phrase-bank to discuss films and learning film terminology.