OSFC Pledge to Peace

On Tuesday 21st February, the College signed the Pledge to Peace. This was marked with a visit from Oldham’s Mayor and a presentation by Maria Ellis from the Oldham Pledge to Peace Forum.

Pledge for Peace (2)

Solutions Not Sides

‘Solutions Not Sides’ for OSFC Citizenship Students

On Friday 10th February AS and A Level Citizenship students enjoyed a fascinating session on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by the educational group ‘Solutions Not Sides’. ‘Solutions Not Sides’ describe themselves as ‘not simply pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine, but pro-solution’. The group encourage open discussion and a safe environment in which to ask difficult questions and have tough conversations.

Top of the town

We are very proud to report that the latest national performance tables for schools and colleges show that OSFC is the strongest provider of sixth form education in Oldham and is outperforming other local sixth form providers. The progress made by students at OSFC is statistically significantly above average across all the programmes of study offered.